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Open to wholesale and public customers, CEE focuses on offering you the absolute best deals available when you are looking to purchase great quality Rational ovens, Rational cookers and accessories.

Many websites and catering equipment suppliers offer multiple discounts, we do not! We feel that whether you are purchasing a single item or multiple pieces, you deserve the absolute best price available.

Obviously, many kitchens will only require a single Rational oven or a single Rational cooker, but when a high production kitchen is looking to kit out their operation or a chain of businesses is being equipped, we can offer a great deal that can prove financially rewarding.

Intelligent climate management

As a national supplier of Rational cooking equipment, we pride ourselves in offering value for money and excellent customer care.


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Digitisation is becoming increasingly important.

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Productive and flexible. Like never before.
Production without compromise


A truly multitalented cooking appliance, the Rational iCombi Classic Oven has swiftly become your essential assistant in your kitchen. The iCombi Classic Rational oven is an ideal alternative to a large selection of conventional cooking appliances currently being sold in today's market. With a footprint of only one sqm, it is robust, efficient, offers high-performance cooking. The impressive in-built functions guarantee a high standard of quality. Alway's ensuring that you will experience the very best result as a chef.

The iCombi Classic Rational Oven works at a harmoniously superior level, owning to the internal measurement and regulatory system for a uniform climate, the robust fresh steam generator for effective steam saturation, the high-performance dehumidification, increased amount of fan wheels, superior cooking cabinet design.

Transferring energy directly to your food with precision and, where relevant, with power. Offering a reduction of up to 10% energy and water consumption and a volume load with excellent coverage and results across all racks. Producing consistently high-quality crisp crusts and breaded items and beautiful diamond grilled patterns.

No matter how far you push your iCombi Classic Rational Oven and depending on how dirty the Oven is, the automatic clean system will ascertain the necessary cleaning stage. Strong, light, or medium any time throughout the day.

The care system available also eliminates the need for expensive water softening and regular descaling of the steam generator. To make cleaning easier, all the cleaning stages are swift and easy to select on the display.

Higher performance with less consumption. You will save on a large number of cooking appliances, therefore reducing your investment costs. Also, you will use less raw materials, fat, and energy, requiring fewer resources.

Developing new ways of thinking in order to set higher standards of thinking. Baking, frying, grilling, steaming, poaching, all of which are achieved easier and more efficiently. Rational Ovens and Cookers have been applying over 45 years of culinary research to analyse food trends and effective kitchen management. Getting a new perspective. With the same goal in mind: to come one step closer to perfection.

Let’s dismiss large space cooking appliances and let the compact, space-saving Rational iCombi Pro Oven do the work for you including; meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, and baked goods. À la carte, catering, delivery service, and casual dining. Enjoy efficient levels of productivity, due to the connectivity of the intelligent assistants. With powerful air circulation and dehumidification, iDensityControl generates 50%* more productivity with around 10%* shorter cooking times. iDensityControl also delivers consistent and uniform results. At the same time, the smart operating design provides the best user support and less prospect of errors. So that production can simply continue.

If you have a goal in mind, the Rational iCombi Pro Oven's culinary intelligence will help you achieve it. i.e., you need to cook five steaks together or at times even one hundred, all to the same standard and quality. To attain this, the Rational iCombi Pro Oven will consistently check the food versus the planned outcome on a regular basis, calculating the cooking progress and logically adjusts the temperature.
What would happen if the customers arrived early and some of the food isn’t ready? Then adjust from a single to a mixed load. The Rational Ovens iCombi Pro Oven regulates the cooking specifications so that you can cook multiple items at the same time. In the care that you have changed your mind and you want another result? Then access the cooking process and modify the desired result. The iCombi Pro Rational Oven will suitably adjust the temperature and time. The result will convince you every time. It is also replicable at any moment. Regardless of who oversees the cooking system.