Productive and flexible. Like never before.
Production without compromise



The challenge
Less staff, increased cost pressures and increased quality demands. In addition, the menu must not be limited. It has to be creative, fresh, balanced and innovative, whilst meeting individual needs. This is a challenge for the conventional large kitchen with its equipment and work processes.

The solution.
A smaller kitchen. Which seems to be a contradiction at first glance, but which makes sense when using an intelligent system. A system that thinks, is experienced, learns, and forgets nothing. Which covers 90% of all conventional cooking applications with two units and which is connected. Like iKitchen, the combination of the iCombi Pro, iVario Pro and ConnectedCooking. There is also a comprehensive consultation service if you require it. For more productivity, more flexibility.


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How intelligent a kitchen can be.


Intuitive operating concept

The new operating concept runs through the production process with visual imagery, logical work steps and clear, interactive instructions. So that everyone can work error-free from the start.


Cooking intelligence

The iCookingSuite knows the way to your desired cooking result and reliably produces it time and time again. With excellent quality. You can also intervene at any time during the cooking process, or switch from a single, to a mixed load. This is freedom, this is flexibility.


Efficient food production

The iProductionManager plans production processes and indicates which foods are best cooked together. Streamlines processes, saves time and energy.


Carefully designed

More fan wheels, optimised cooking cabinet shape, higher dehumidification performance all mean up to 50%* bigger loads. With even better food quality. For even higher productivity.

* Compared to the previous model.


Ultra-fast cleaning

Dirty to clean in approx. 12 minutes. Even the standard cleaning saves 50 % of time and cleaner*. Stay clean, less downtimes, more productive time.

* Compared to the previous model.


Effective energy management

The iVarioBoost heating system combines power, speed and precision. The reserve capacity and precise heat distribution over the entire surface ensures that the cooking process runs perfectly.


Maximum flexibility

iZoneControl turns one pan into multiple iVario units. For different foods. For more freedom. For more creativity.



With the optional pressure cooking function, you can achieve up to 35 %* shorter cooking times. Automatic pressure build-up and decompression make the iVario Pro fast and convenient.

* Compared to the previous model.


Desired result without monitoring

Thanks to the built-in cooking intelligence iCookingSuite, it can do it all. Nothing sticks, nothing boils over. The iVario Pro will only alert you when you are really needed. For a cooking result exactly as you want it.


Intuitive operating concept

Simple, logical and efficient. This makes working with the iVario Pro not only effortless, but also fun. From the very start.

The iCombi Pro.

Frying, baking, grilling, steaming, deepfrying, poaching, all in one unit, all on approx. 1 m2.
Thanks to its intelligence, the iCombi Pro responds to changing requirements dynamically.
Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? Are there more chips than the last time?
The cooking system automatically adjusts humidity, air speed and temperature.
For your desired result. Time and time again.

The iVario Pro.

Looks like a tilting pan, but can do so much more: Boiling, frying, deep-frying, pressure cooking and therefore replaces virtually all conventional cooking appliances. Its unique heating technology combines power with precision. Because it has intelligent cooking assistants, which think, learn and support. Because it is up to 4 times as fast, requires up to 40%* less energy. For outstanding food quality without checking or supervision.

* Compared to the previous model.


The iCombi Pro and iVario Pro are connected with ConnectedCooking, the secure internet platform, via their WLAN interfaces fitted as standard. Transfer recipes, supervise operations, software update, coordinate production between multiple units if required and remote diagnosis by the RATIONAL Service Technician.