Exhaust air technology


Exhaust air technology.

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All extraction and condensation hoods

Exhaust air technology:

Have a timeless modern design.

Have an easy to clean front with a removable cover.

Adjust the extraction capacity with intelligent infinitely variable control of the fan depending on the situation, such as when opening the door. Installation is simple, and the system can be retrofitted at a later time, too.

With its condensation technology, the UltraVent absorbs steam and vapours. No connection to the outside or extension of an existing exhaust system is necessary with this air recirculation hood.

UltraVent Plus
In addition to the UltraVent’s condensation technology, the UltraVent Plus is equipped with special filter technology. This not only condenses vapours, but also reduces unpleasant fumes, for example when grilling and frying. RATIONAL cooking systems can thus also be installed in critical locations e.g. in front areas.

Steam extraction hood
Steam and vapours are automatically extracted from the cooking cabinet and when opening the cooking cabinet door (without condensation technology). An external connection is required.

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Available sizes

UltraVent XS Combi-Duo 60.73.943
UltraVent Combi-Duo models 6-1/1, 10-1/1 60.76.169
UltraVent Combi-Duo models 6-2/1, 10-2/1 60.76.170
UltraVent, model XS 6-2/3 60.73.865
UltraVent, models 6-1/1, 10-1/1 60.75.134
UltraVent, models 6-2/1, 10-2/1 60.75.135
UltraVent, model 20-1/1 60.75.136
UltraVent, model 20-2/1 60.75.137
UltraVent Plus XS Combi-Duo 60.74.404
UltraVent Plus Combi-Duo models 6-1/1, 10-1/1 60.76.173
UltraVent Plus Combi-Duo models 6-2/1, 10-2/1 60.76.174
UltraVent Plus, model XS 6-2/3 60.74.394
UltraVent Plus, models 6-1/1, 10-1/1 60.75.142
UltraVent Plus, models 6-2/1, 10-2/1 60.75.143
Steam extraction hood Combi-Duo models 6-1/1, 10-1/1 60.76.221
Steam extraction hood Combi-Duo models 6-2/1, 10-2/1 60.76.222
Steam extraction hood, models 6-1/1, 10-1/1 60.76.217
Steam extraction hood, models 6-2/1, 10-2/1 60.76.218
Models 61 and 101, electric units only 60.75.148
Model 62, electrical units only 60.75.149
Model 102, electrical units only 60.76.604
Model 201, electrical units only 60.75.150
Model 202, electrical units only 60.75.151