Rational iVario 2-S Cooking System 2 25 Litre


Rational iVario 2-S Cooking System 2 - 25 Litre

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Series: iVario
Model No: iVario 2-S
Power Type: Electric
Warranty: 2 years parts & labour
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Rational iVario 2-S Cooking System 2 25 Litre. Power and precision and minimum space. What the business has: a small kitchen, insufficient equipment, skill shortages and limited budget. What the business wants: to serve the high quality results that their customers expect. This is where intelligent technology comes into play. Technology that boils, fries and deep-fries. That is 4 times as fast as conventional cooking appliances with up to 40 % less electricity consumption. That provides more possibilities in the kitchen and on the plate with its two pans. To the point, fast and flexible.

Within professional kitchens worldwide, Rational iVario Cooking Centres, are considered the premier in professional cooking appliances. Manufactured in the heart of Bavaria, Rational cookers are now well established and are now market leaders for the supply of professional kitchen equipment. Looking for the best deal available, at unbeatable prices, look no further than Rational Ovens UK by CEE.


iVarioBoost is the patented heating technology made from ceramic heating elements, which are connected with the fast-response, scratch-resistant high-performance pan base. Therefore, the iVario heats the pan evenly to 200 oC (392 °F) in less than 90 seconds and quickly reduces its temperature, if necessary.

At the same time, there is enough reserve capacity available to quickly absorb temperature fluctuations when searing large quantities or pouring in liquid. The device delivers great results and boosts productivity by as much as fourfold, while reducing cooking losses by 17 % and energy consumption by 40 %.


The iCookingSuite is your intelligent cooking assistance for the iVario, providing ease of use and the greatest possible support for cooking. Intelligent sensors in the pan base recognise the load size, the condition and size of the food, and continually adjust the cooking process. As soon as you need to take some action, the iCookingSuite will let you know. For you this means full reliability and a high standard of quality. At the same time, you save on monitoring, time, raw materials and energy.


With iZoneControl, you can divide the pan base into individual heating zones and operate them with different temperatures or cooking paths. Areas that are not in use are not heated. This makes one big iVario into four little iVarios. You specify the desired result and start the cooking sequence for the desired zones. As the iZoneControl makes suggestions as to which zone is best for your foods, you can work even more efficiently, and save time and energy. For you, this means high flexibility, time savings and always having everything under control.

Programming mode

With the programme management, manual programmes can be intuitively created and intelligent cooking paths can be saved and clearly managed with their customised settings.

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Features and Benefits

Save more energy! Up to 40% savings in power consumption.

iCookingSuite - Your intelligent assistant aimed to help streamline your kitchen.

iVarioBoost - Rapid heat up and consistency, giving you perfect results every time!

Multiple cooking functions, allowing the iVario to replace multiple cooking methods. (pressure cooking, frying, deep frying, griddle cooking, bain marie function}

Up to 4 zone cooking for greater productivity and Intelligent temperature management.

Connected cooking with built in WiFi.

Replace your standard kitchen appliances with multiple cooking functions.

Easy to clean (optional hand shower)


Capacity: 2 x 25 ltr
Meals Per Day: 50 - 100
Voltage: 400V
Weight: 134 KG
Power Supply: Three Phase
Installation Required: Yes
Width (External): 1100mm
Height (External): 485mm
Depth (External): 938mm
Power Type: Electric



The combination of ceramic heating elements and the fast-response, scratch-resistant high performance pan base ensures high efficiency, excellent speed and uniform heat distribution. The integrated iVarioBoost energy management system consumes up to 40 % less energy than conventional cooking appliances, and still offers reserve capacity. This means you can quickly sear large quantities and the temperature will not fall when adding cold ingredients.



Intelligent regulation, at the push of a button - with the iCookingSuite, the cooking intelligence in the iVario 2-XS. Which adjusts the cooking process to the food, which brings everything to the desired result, which learns from you, adapts to your cooking habits and alerts you when you need to take action, such as turning a steak. You can’t burn anything on it or boil anything over. If you want to give your own touch to the food, you can intervene in the cooking process.


Power and precision. Times two.

Two pans, each with a capacity of 17 l, 2/3 GN bases so that strength and precision can also work in small kitchens.


Desired result without supervision

Thanks to the intelligence of the iCookingSuite, anything is possible. Nothing sticks and nothing boils over. Also the iVario 2-XS will only call you when you are needed.


Intuitive operating concept

Two pans, two views on the display. Simple, logical and efficient. This makes working with the iVario 2-XS effortless. From the very start.


Effective energy management

The iVarioBoost heating system combines power, speed and precision. The high reserve capacity and precise heat distribution over the entire surface ensures that the cooking operation runs perfectly.



With AutoLift, pasta and chips come out of the pan automatically.



Great variety in minimal space with the iZoneControl option. It enables you to create up to four zones from two pan bases, and you can choose the size, position and shape you want. You can now cook the same or different foods in a single pan. Simultaneously or on a time delay, at the same or a different temperature. With a core probe or by time. Always without supervision, without additional kitchen equipment and without wasting energy.

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